Join the SmashFi Referral Program: Earn While You Empower

What is SmashFi's Referral Program?

The SmashFi Referral Program is a rewarding way for our users to share the value of SmashFi with friends and family while earning extra income. By simply inviting others to invest with SmashFi, you can earn a percentage of the performance fees as a commission. This initiative not only enhances your earning potential but also expands our community of savvy investors.

How Can I Participate?

Participating in the SmashFi Referral Program is straightforward:

  • Create Your Unique Referral Code:
    You can create your unique referral code by either:
    • Using the creation box located on the right-hand side of the website.
    • Clicking on the ‘Profile’ icon
      located in the upper right corner of the website.
  • Share Your Referral Code:
    Once your code is created, share it with friends, family, and anyone else who may be interested in investing with SmashFi.
  • Track Your Referrals:
    Visit your ‘Profile’ to check:
    • Your unique referral code.
    • Current rebate tier.
    • Number of referrals needed to reach the next tier.
My referral code (must be unique)
Referral code

How Does It Work?

Here's how you can benefit from the SmashFi Referral Program:

1. Invite Friends:

  • Share your unique referral code with friends. Friends can input the referral code either during their initial sign-up for SmashFi or any time after registering, whenever they choose.

2. Earn Commissions:

Receive a commission based on a percentage of the performance fee collected by SmashFi from your friends’ investment profits at the end of each quarter.

  • Example of Earnings:
    • Your friend invests 10 BTC and earns a profit of 1 BTC.
    • SmashFi collects a 25% performance fee, which amounts to 0.25 BTC.
    • You receive 5% of this fee, which is 0.0125 BTC.

3. Tier System Benefits:

  • The more people you refer, the higher your commission rate becomes. As you refer more people, your potential earnings increase, enhancing your benefits from the program.

Tier System for Rebates

Tier 0
Tier 1
Tier 2
Tier 3
Tier 4

+1 Referrals

5% Rebate

+10 Referrals

10% Rebate

+20 Referrals

15% Rebate

+40 Referrals

20% Rebate

  • If there is no referral activity during a quarter, you will move down a tier, and to move back up to the next tier, you'll need to meet the minimum requirements for that tier again.

What Are the Rules to Follow?

To ensure fairness and efficiency in our Referral Program, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Commission Payouts: Commissions are calculated and paid at the end of each quarter based on the performance fees collected from active investments as of the last day of the quarter.
  • Account Linking: Ensure that your referrals use your invitation code when registering. Commissions will not be paid for referrals that do not correctly link back to you.
  • No Cheating: Creating fake accounts or using misleading tactics to gain referrals is prohibited. Engaging in such behavior will result in disqualification and recovery of commissions.
  • Brand Representation: Do not use social media accounts with names or avatars that impersonate or closely resemble the SmashFi brand to attract new users.
  • Mutual Referral Prohibition: Mutual referral, where users reciprocally refer each other to artificially inflate earnings, is not allowed.
  • Compliance: All participants must comply with the SmashFi Terms of Use. Any violation may lead to disqualification from the program.

Inactivity Penalty Policy

  • Tier Evaluation Period
    • Referral activities are evaluated on a quarterly basis. This duration balances the need for continuous engagement with reasonable time for users to manage their referrals.
  • Activity Requirements
    • To maintain their current tier status, users must make at least one successful referral within a quarter. A ‘successful referral’ is defined as a new invitee registering, investing, and remaining active for at least one full quarter.
  • Tier Downgrade
    • If there are no new referrals within a quarter, the tier will be downgraded by one level.
  • Regaining Tier Status
    • Users can regain their previous tier status by meeting the referral requirements for that tier during a quarter.
  • Notification of Changes
    • Users will be notified via email 10 days before any potential tier downgrade due to inactivity. This notification will serve as a reminder to increase their referral activity to maintain their tier status.
    • A second notification will be sent if the downgrade is enacted, explaining the change and how to regain their previous tier.
  • Exceptions and Exemptions
    • Exceptions to this policy may be considered on a case-by-case basis for users facing extenuating circumstances that prevent them from making referrals. These users can apply for an exemption by contacting SmashFi support with documented proof of their situation.


Here's how you can benefit from the SmashFi Referral Program:

Q. When are referral commissions paid out?
Commissions are paid out three business days after the end of each quarter. The calculation includes all ongoing investments that are active and earning profits at the time of the performance fee calculation.
Q. What happens if a referred investment loses money?
Referral commissions are only earned on the performance fees from profits. If the referred investment does not make a profit, then no performance fee is collected by SmashFi, and consequently, no referral commission is generated from that investment.
Q. Is there a limit to how many people I can refer?
No, there is no upper limit to the number of people you can refer to SmashFi. However, the more people you refer, the higher the potential commission rate you can earn, as outlined in our tier system.
Q. How can I track my earnings from referrals?
You can view the record of your past commission receipts directly through your SmashFi dashboard.
Q. How can I move up my tier after it's been downgraded?
Once your tier has been downgraded due to inactivity, the only way to regain your previous tier status is by inviting new friends. For example, if you were at Tier 2 and were downgraded to Tier 1 due to not inviting new members, you must invite 10 more new members to move back up to Tier 2. This requirement ensures continuous engagement and growth of the SmashFi community through active participation in the referral program.
Q. What if my referred friend fails to use my referral code?
It is crucial that your friends enter your referral code either when they sign up or after their registration is complete. If they fail to enter the correct code, the system will not recognize them as your referral, and you will not receive any commissions from their investments.
Q. Can I earn commissions from a friend who withdraws their investment early?
Commissions are calculated based on the profits at the end of each quarter. If your friend withdraws their investment before the quarter ends and no performance fee is collected, then no commission is earned from that particular investment.
Q. Are there any restrictions on how I can promote my referral code?
Yes, you must not use social media accounts that impersonate or appear similar to SmashFi’s official presence to promote your referral link. Additionally, creating fake accounts or engaging in any deceptive practices is strictly prohibited and can result in disqualification from the program.
Q. What should I do if I suspect another user is cheating?
If you believe that another user is engaging in fraudulent or unethical behavior, please report this immediately to SmashFi’s support team. We are committed to maintaining a fair and transparent referral program.
Q. Can SmashFi change the terms of the referral program?
Yes, SmashFi reserves the right to modify or cancel the referral program and its terms at any time. We recommend keeping updated with any changes by regularly checking the terms and conditions on our website.

The SmashFi Referral Program is designed to be a win-win for both our users and their referrals. By participating, you help grow the SmashFi community while earning passive income from your referrals' successful investments. Start sharing your link today and watch your earnings grow as your network does!

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or for more information about how you can make the most of your referrals!